Top 10 Daddios of the Animal Kingdom

From the stickleback fish to the giant african bullfrog who takes the World's Best Animal Dad?

National Geographic counts down the 10 top dads of the animal kingdom from the jackal to the lion which species will end up on top?

10. Lion

The lion isn’t actually that good of a father. The lady lions do more for their cubs than the male does, who basically naps all day, but when he’s awake, he’s fiercely protective of his cubs.

9. Antechinus

This Aussie mouse marsupial makes the list for its astounding ability to mate… A lot. This little guy doesn’t look like he’s got it in him but he has the capability to mate for up to 12 hours! That’s a lot of sperm and potential offspring.

8. Golden Jackal

The golden jackal which is native to India, mates for life and remains loyal to their partner. The father jackal will hunt for food with his partner and regurgitate it to his kids.

7. Giant Waterbug

This creepy crawly shares pregnancy with the mother bug by cementing the eggs to the waterbug’s back. He will carry around 150 eggs on is back till they eventually hatch.

6. The Rhea

These large flightless birds are left with the eggs. He will incubate them for up to 60 eggs for two months, with only two months’ worth of food in his stomach. He will continue to bring up the chicks by himself for two years after hatching.

5.  The Stickleback fish

After the female lays the egg, the male will look after them making sure there is enough oxygen. He does this by fanning them at 400 beats per minute for over half the day.

4. Jacana Bird

After the female mates and lays her eggs, the male is left to protect the eggs, often from their own mother who sometimes comes back to smash them.

3. Giant African Bullfrog

The giant african bullfrog has a large mouth, so large he will swallow his eggs, keeping them in his vocal sacs for six weeks to protect them. When the eggs are ready to hatch, the giant bull frog will vomit them out.

2. Emperor Penguin

No surprises here, the emperor penguin is second on our list. The father penguin endures the harshest winter in the world to protect his eggs, while mother penguin hunts for food. The emperor penguin will balance the egg and huddle with other emperor Penguin fathers to keep the eggs warm. Even though the emperor penguin hasn’t eaten for months, he will provide baby penguin with its first meal, a milk substance until mum comes back.

1. Seahorse

We couldn’t have a list of the best animal fathers without the seahorse. This dad will mate for life when he finds the right female seahorse. Unlike the other fathers on this list, the male seahorse is the one who gets pregnant and will carry around 1,000 babies at a time.

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