WATCH: Adorable Baby Koala At San Diego Zoo

Who doesn’t love Koalas? No one. That’s why we are so excited about the birth of a little joey at San Diego Zoo!

Although the baby girl was likely born late November, she has only just emerged from her mother, Cambee’s, pouch this week.

When Koala joeys are born they are no bigger than a jellybean. During the early stages of development they latch onto the inside of their mothers pouch for protection and warmth. Once their fur and sensory organs have properly developed, they emerge from the pouch, but still stay close to mum.

And that’s exactly what this little joey is doing. She won’t let go of mum until she’s a bit older and more independent. But for now, she’s enjoying the attention and has even developed a taste for eucalyptus leaves, which is all she'll be eating from now on.

WATCH: Proud mum, Cambee, carries around her new joey at San Diego Zoo, after she emerges from her pouch. [San Diego Zoo/Youtube]

Cambee (which means blanket in traditional Indigenous language) has been a part of San Diego’s ‘Australian Outback’ exhibit for 5 years. Outside Australia, San Diego Zoo has the most successful koala-breeding program in the world. And now Cambee and her little joey can be a part of that exciting success story.

While Koalas in the wild face no immediate threat, everyone around the world loves these cute little Aussie icons, so keep the joeys coming!

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