What are our top ten sharks?

Every Tuesday we come up with our top ten list of favourite things. This week it's all things sharks! Who made the list?

10 White Tipped Reef Shark

This is the species best known for the feeding frenzy – don’t get between them and their food!

9 Grey Reef Shark

The guardian of the reef – hunts alone or in packs and is built to dominate its environment

8 Nurse Shark

A large shark that hoovers the ocean floor.

7 Bull Shark

Nobody wants to play with this headline-maker, but the problem is they’re everywhere and a top 3 for fatal attacks.

6 Alaskan Shark

AKA the Salmon Shark and a close cousin of the great white.  Survives in near freezing water and feeds off the swarms of salmon on migration to spawn in freshwater streams

5 Tiger Shark

They’re all attitude, all hunting prowess and an eating machine.

4 Hammerhead Shark

Perhaps the spookiest looking shark, they gather in huge swarms and appear to be able to communicate with each other.

3 6 Gill Shark

It’s gigantic and ancient – hardly changed since 200 million years ago in the Jurassic Era.

2 Great White Pointer

It fast, powerful and sophisticated.  It can lunge at up to 40 Kms an hour and is so big that almost nothing in the ocean is safe from this shark

1 Whale Shark

Simply, the biggest fish in the ocean.


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