Would you pay $15,000 for whale vomit?

One whale’s vomit is another man’s treasure…

A lump of sperm whale vomit is expected to be auctioned off for around AU$15,000.

The vomit was found by a dog walker on a small island off the Welsh coast.

Known as ambergris, whale vomit is highly-prized in the perfume world for its ability to make scents stick to the skin.

Ambergris is created when foreign objects irritate a sperm whale’s intestines or throat. The whale’s bile ducts coat the irritant that is then cast it out into the water, either through the throat or faeces.

It can take as long as 20 years for a specimen to reach the state of this piece.

Oliver Hancock from Adam Partridge Auctioneers, the company auctioning the vomit, says, “Nobody in the company had seen ambergris before so we were intrigued and excited when it came in.”



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