The New National Geographic App is almost as limitless as your imagination.

In a world first, we have partnered with Optus to offer the new National Geographic App, on mobile or tablet and FREE for 30 days on any Australian mobile number.


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Expand all your horizons

Explore thousands of photos, articles, short videos and documentaries, on demand and updated daily.

For You

History buff? Animal lover? Want to find out what’s next in space exploration? Choose topics you love from a variety of subjects such as ‘animals’, ‘science’, ‘people’, ‘travel’, and ‘history.’ The app will deliver your favourite content straight to your device.

Mobile & Tablet

Enjoy National Geographic’s groundbreaking content on both mobile and tablet.

It really is an endless source of information, entertainment, exploration and world knowledge. All of National Geographic in the one place, on demand, for the very first time.

Optus - National Geographic

Optus customer? Find out if you are eligible to download the app as part of your plan. Terms and conditions here.

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