10 Reasons Why we Should Exchange our Chocolate Bunny for a Chocolate Bilby

Bilbies are the new bunny

1. Bunnies are growing in number

With no accurate counting system, there’s no way to know how many bunnies there are now in Australia.

2. Bunnies have adapted

Rabbits have been found in wetlands, deserts, grasslands and coastlines (they're invincible)

3. Rabbits are eating all our crops

Rabbits cause millions of dollars worth of damage to crops.

4. They are wreaking havoc with our native flora and fauna:

“Rabbits are very good at finding the seedlings of shrubs when they are very small and grazing them out to the extent where the native shrubs are completely unable to regenerate," says Greg Mutze, research officer at the department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation in South Australia.

5. Bunnies can get jiggy with it.

A single female rabbit can produce 18- 30 young bunnies a year.

6. Bunnies are a threat to our native Bilby and the Burrowing Bettong,

Rabbits take over existing burrows, kicking out the previous owners!

7. There are only 400 Wild Bilbies left in the wild

Only found in small pockets in Australia's central and western deserts

8. If you buy a chocolate Bilby from Haigh’s or Pink Lady Chocolatiers a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Bilby Conservation

9. Bilbies are under threat from feral cats

"We have seen feral cats occurring in plague proportions over the last few years, particularly in key areas such as the habitat of the greater bilby which has had dire consequences," says Queensland Environment and Heritage Minister Andrew Powell

10. Bilbies need our help and look how cute they are:



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