Adani Reaches New Agreement with Queensland Government

Could this herald the death of our Great Barrier Reef?

The Queensland Government and Adani have reached a new agreement, weeks after the proposed amount was dumped for giving the coal mining company too much taxpayer money.

Tuesday evening Adani agreed to an amount that “met its expectations” the company said in a statement. The project is believed to generate 10,000 jobs in regional Queensland.

The coal mine will produce over 25m tonnes of thermal coal a year and require a rail line 388km long to carry the coal to Abbott Point port. After the initial first phase, coal production will increase to 60m tonnes a year, making it one of the biggest coal mines in the world.

This will have huge implications for the Queensland environment and The Great Barrier Reef, not to mention the carbon emissions produced from its coal which will be equivalent to some of the world’s most carbon-polluted countries.

Image: Protesting Adani, Flikr

The mine, located near Bowen in North Queensland, is situated quite close to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The later stages of the mine will see it expanding its capacity of 50m tonnes per annum to 120 tonnes.

Adani will be charged 5 million a year under the new deal opposed to the previous 2 million a year.  Chairman, Gautam Adani, has openly thanked the Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk for her continued support along with Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull:

I also wish to thank the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and opposition leader, Bill Shorten, for their support for the changes to the native title bill

Bill Shorten has helped navigate the Native Title Claim, that would’ve stopped land access deal due to the site’s traditional owners.

The deal is still facing legal action from the Wangan and Jagalingou people.

The impact on the environment will be catastrophic. Scientists and environmental campaigners are concerned about the coal mine in Australia, predicting that it will pollute the atmosphere with massive CO2 emissions for years, as well as poisoning our reef with large and constant dredging and dumping. Dr Charlie Veron, former chief scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science expressed his concerns:

It defies reason, I think there is no single action that could be as harmful to the Great Barrier Reef as the Carmichael coal mine.

The agreement with Adani will mean significant damage to the reef, particularly after the Reef experienced its worst ever coral bleaching to date. Australian Conservation Foundation chief executive Kelly O'Shanassy explains:

We know the bleaching is because of global warming, and Carmichael will only make that worse. The pollution from this mine is so big that it cancels the pollution cuts the Turnbull government committed to at the Paris Climate Summit,

It is predicted that Adani will emit more than 4.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. The impact according to Dr Veron could mean the end of our Great Barrier Reef.

There is extraordinary disconnect between science and the political action. Politicians think the mine is good because it's good for economy, but we are selling out the next generation of Australians as fast as we can go.

Header: Mural depicting Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk depicted holding a gun to Nemo's head in an anti-Adani street mural, Brisbane

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