Al Gore Praises South Australia

US Vice President praises South Australia’s decision to house the world’s largest lithium Ion battery,

Former US vice president Al Gore is down under and only has nice things to say.

Al Gore has praised South Australia’s decision to house the world’s largest lithium Ion battery, saying the choice is “extremely impressive.”

The 100-megawatt lithium Ion battery will be made by tech Giant Elon Musk’s Tesla, making South Australia a world leader in renewable energy. Al Gore explains:

The reason it's so important is that the sun doesn't shine at night and the wind doesn't blow all the time, so if you can store it and use it when you need it, then the cheaper cost of renewable electricity can be enjoyed around the clock.

Al Gore is touring Australia right now to promote the sequel to his award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, opening in August. Al Gore will be travelling across Sydney and Melbourne, meeting with premiers and local mayors to discuss renewable energy and the Ecocities Summit.

Image: Australian Wind Farm, Shutterstock

Mr Gore firmly believes that the way forward both environmentally and economically for countries such as Australia will be through the production of multiple sources of renewable energy: mainly solar, wind and batteries.

He believes the shift to renewable energy would not only reduce greenhouse gas, but provide the economy with thousands more jobs.

The fastest growing jobs in the world are in renewable energy. In my country, solar jobs are growing 17 times faster than other jobs in the economy. And if you look at what China's doing and what India's doing they are turning away from coal. 

"They've shut hundreds of coal burning generating plants; they are closing a lot of their coal mines because they see that not only is renewable electricity cheaper but it creates more jobs."

This comes ahead of Turnbull’s decision to allow coal mining giant Adani to build a coal mine next to our most treasured site, the Great Barrier Reef.

Hopefully, after Al Gore’s visit to Australia, the decision will be re-visited and with any hope overturned.

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