Aussie Huntsman Spooks British Removalists

The workers fled the area

The Huntsman.

Australians have to deal with this particular arachnid on a daily basis.

We’re used to their often terrifying long legs and furry exterior, and as Australians, we know that they are one of our least dangerous spiders, despite their size.

After one unexpectedly survived a long haul ride in a shipping container from Australia to Britain, Britain got a taste of what it’s like to live in Australia.

British removalists discovered the “Guinea pig sized” Huntsman after unloading a shipping container earlier today. One of the men was so scared he apparently ran out of the container in fright.

Annie Janes from the British RSPCA was astounded that the Huntsman had managed to survive the 16,000 km journey from Australia.

The manager of Britannia Movers International Davie Aldridge caught the arachnid, as he told the BBC:

I had three guys unloading, one ran about two miles up the road when he first saw it. He's a handsome, furry guy. I caught him in a lunch box and took him home for my six-year-old son to see while waiting for the RSPCA to pick him up.

According to Mr Aldridge the removalists have had other animals show up in their shipping containers, including one lizard, but the Huntsman was the biggest spider they had seen to date.

Our Huntsman can have a leg span up to 15cm. And despite its terrifying size is non-venomous, though the bite can be quite painful.

The rather large huntsman that travelled from Australia to England managed to stay alive by finding insects while inside the shipping container for three months. Ms Janes explains:

"He was about the size of my two hands put together, so quite something to look at. From the empty locust shells found in the container, it seems he has thankfully been able to find food during that length of time, but it's a long time to go without water, and he's lucky he didn't get squished by any boxes or furniture."

The Aussie Huntsman will be rehomed with a spider specialist, but for now, is living in Heathrow Animal Reception.

Even our spiders have that tough Australian spirit!

Header: Wikimedia Commons

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