Australia, Did You have a Total Eclipse of the Heart?

When will Aussies get to see a full-on solar eclipse?

The internet has been a buzz with all things eclipse as America was shadowed and silhouetted by the eclipse yesterday.

If you, like many Australians, felt a pang of jealousy as you scrolled through photos and time lapses of the solar eclipse over America, fear not! An eclipse is heading to Australia within the next 11 years.

The next eclipse will pass over Sydney in 2028. In a hundred year period only eight solar eclipses will be visible in Australia. South Australia will be prime viewing as it will see three of the eight eclipses and the Gold Coast will see two of the eight.

If 11 years is too long to wait for an Aussie eclipse consider a trip to either Northern America, Southern America or Europe.

The next eclipse occurs on July 2, 2019, and will be visible in Argentina and Chile.

There is a large cult following of “eclipse chasers” who travel worldwide to watch the spectacular shadow show. There’s a list of total eclipses logged on the official “eclipse chaser” website. Paul Maley currently holds the record at 68 eclipses logged.

According to the website, in order to be a true chaser, you have to log one hour of time in the shadow of the moon or around 20 solar eclipses. So far there are only nine on the list who qualify for the title.

The boom of the eclipse chaser began in the 1800s when the ability to travel and new technology enabled eclipse enthusiasts to properly view the rare eclipse.

If you’re a keen or budding eclipse chaser your best bet to view an eclipse is probably South America. But take heed, don’t stare straight at it with naked eyes.

Here’s looking at you, Trump.

Australia, in eleven years’ time, watch the skies… with the proper eyewear of course.

Header: The moon almost totally eclipses the sun during a near total solar eclipse as seen from Salem, Oregon. PHOTOGRAPH BY DON RYAN, AP

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