Babies Born To The World’s Most Endangered Larger Mammal

A few years ago, Hollywood screenwriter Nicholas Stoller jokingly referred to the spate of lemur films as the “lemur era” in cinema as Morgan Freeman co-hosted a documentary, Sacha Baron Cohen starred as King Julian in Madagascar and even the Muppets managed to reference the lemur.

Just last week, Monty Python actor John Cleese voiced a plea to save the lemur in a light-hearted piece for Duke University in the United States.

Adding to the lemur action last week was Taronga Western Plains Zoo announcing the birth of three bubbly baby Ring-tailed Lemurs to three different mothers.

Now while the Ring-tailed lemurs are super cute wandering around or attached to their mums at Western Plains Zoo, habitat destruction and hunting are threatening their very existence as well as the many other varieties of lemurs.

In fact, the Ring-tailed variety are classified as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list of threatened species. Moreover, of the 100 or so species of lemur (all of which are found in Madagascar) most are under the threat of extinction.

Bearing this in mind, successful breeding programs are invaluable in preserving the future of lemurs.

According to Ring-tailed lemur Keeper, Sasha Brook, this is the third successful breeding season for father Dia who is now the proud dad of Rakitra, Cleo and Noa.

“Dia has produced 12 offspring at Taronga Western Plains Zoo and will now be retired from breeding to allow another male to join the group to introduce new genetics,” Sasha said.

“The three babies are all doing really well, they are bonding with their respective mothers and meeting their developmental milestones.

“The two older babies are starting to climb off their mums and explore their surroundings, but they generally don’t venture more than a metre away.”

Brook said over the next few months, the young lemurs will grow in confidence and ability and will start to venture further from their mums as they feel more energetic.

“They will be getting up to no-good with their older siblings which is really very cool.”

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