Endangered Aussie Parrots Mourn their Dead

Motorists are killing flocks of the parrots which are feeding near the road

The rare and endangered Superb Parrot migrates to the south of Australia to breed and nest. Unfortunately, more and more flocks of the parrot species are being hit on on New South Wales roads as they pass.

Ecologist Saan Ecker told the ABC that he believes more than 100 Superb Parrots were found dead on the Barton Highway near the NSW town of Murrumbateman.

Dr Ecker reportedly saw another 20 or so dead on the busy New South Wales road surrounded by mourning live parrots.
Superb Parrot species tend to mourn the death of other superb parrots by congregating next to their bodies. Unfortunately, this has meant that more parrots are being struck by motorists. She explains to the ABC:

"They've been there consistently for three days or so.”

"I've never [previously] seen one before in the 12 or so years I've been here."

"These birds are so ignorant to traffic that you literally have to drive five or 10 kilometres per hour not to hit them, and they just look like leaves when you come across them," she said.

Drivers have been urged to be more cautious when travelling on the roads and to report any animal or bird that has been injured to Wildcare on 02 6299 1966.

Currently, the ACT government is looking into ways to help protect species and their habitat, after 95 percent of their home was cleared.

Lead Image: Superb Parrot, photo by Picasso Web Albums, Paul Gear

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