Gold Coast Explorers Smash Record

They crossed Greenland in record time

Geoff Wilson (47) and his son-in-law Simon Goodburn (27) have made Australian history by being the first Aussies to cross from the South to North Pole of Greenland unsupported, smashing the previous record by an astonishing 24 days.

The team crossed from Greenland’s most southern tip to the Northern Inuit town of Qaanaaq in a just 18 days. The duo harnessed the icy arctic winds by using kites to pull themselves and their 150kg sleds. They broke the previous record of 42 days.

Image: Nansen's Cross Greenland Expedition Images and Footage, May - June 2017, eckfactor

The two reached their final destination after their last 15 hour long walk through harsh crevasse-filled terrain. The total distance of the trek was 2,160km. This is the first crossing by an Australian from South to North on skis.

Geoff led the expedition as the more experienced of the two. Geoff explains how he and his son in law Simon worked hard to reach their destination in record breaking time.

Above all, it’s a triumph of the human spirit, a reflection on how well a duo can work together when an atmosphere of respect and hard work is embraced, and how a grizzly father and his Gen Y son-in-law can share a tent for nigh on 20 days and yet come out with even more respect for each other,

Both Geoff and Simon hail from the Gold Coast, so crossing an artic landscape with little, to no practice is an impressive feat. The two men spent months visualising soft sand beaches as snow plains and instead of sleds hauling tyres across Queensland’s dunes.

Image: Nansen's Cross Greenland Expedition Images and Footage, May - June 2017, eckfactor

Using the kites across the snow plains and crevices in Greenland required a lot of stamina and focus recalls Geoff. They averted disaster after almost losing their kites twice.

The conditions were punishing for most of the trek, neither of the two had enough sleep, with their small tent being whipped around by the arctic wind every night. Despite this Geoff said there were also moments of absolute wonder.

Geoff runs a veterinary clinic to fund his love pioneering. According to his wife, Sarah Wilson, he is comfortable traversing any terrain:

He is as comfortable in the Antarctic and Greenland as he is in the Sahara Desert or crossing vast landscapes or oceans by kite. Geoff is an expert in all environments, kiting or hauling. His genius is in acquiring the information he needs to achieve his goals, as well as his incredible resilience and fortitude

Image: Nansen's Cross Greenland Expedition Images and Footage, May - June 2017, eckfactor

The expedition has been filmed for a one-hour documentary to screen on National Geographic Channel later this year.

Header:Nansen's Cross Greenland Expedition Images and Footage, May - June 2017,  eckfactor

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