10 Things You Need to Know About Our Harbour Bridge

You don't look a day over 25.

Our fair bridge turned 85 yesterday.

And what a bridge it is.

Opened in 1932 it is a national treasure.

And it looks so young for its age.

Here are some of the more choice facts about the world’s oldest Coat hanger.

1. When it first opened it cost 6 pence to cross.

2. It now costs 3.30.

Aerial view of Sydney HarbourImage: Wikipedia

3. The steel used to make the bridge was 79% Imported English steel and 21% from Aus.

4. The four large grey pillars are entirely decorative. They serve absolutely no purpose.

5. Icon Paul Hogan was a rigger on the bridge before becoming Croc Dundee.

6. It took eight years to build.

7. 16 men died building it.

Harbour BridgeImage: Flickr

8. In a terrifying twist- the arch rises and falls about 180mm depending on the temperature.

9. The Premier at the time: Jack Lang was meant to cut the ribbon when it first opened but Captain Francs Groot from the paramilitary group rode in on his horse with a sword and snaked the ribbon cutting.

10. Only two men have survived after falling from the bridge- The first, Vincent Kelly fell and supposedly survived by throwing his tool belt to break the surface of the water before he fell in.

Construction of Sydney Harbour BridgeImage:  Wikimedia Commons

So here’s to the most attractive bridge in the world.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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