How did this Aussie Use A Packet of Twisties to Get out of Work?

The genius Perth man missed a staggering 140 days of work

Electrician Tom Colella managed to get a staggering amount of time off work using this simple science hack. He hid his company, GPS- enabled digital assistant in a packet of Twisties to keep his employers in the dark about his location.

Surprisingly his employers, though unsure of Colella’s location were clued into the GPS chips’ whereabouts. It was only when one of his colleagues revealed Colella was playing golf instead of working that he was fired.

Colella’s Twisties idea is more brilliant than it appears. By placing his GPS device in the foiled twisties packet, Colella effectively created a makeshift Faraday Cage. This is due to the aluminium and mylar plastic in the Twisties foil packaging making it electrically conductive.

Essentially the Twisties packet was turned into an electromagnetic shield, blocking the GPS signals from the device, allowing Colella to keep his golfing habits a secret… sort of.

The ingenius plan, however, was not foolproof and Colella eventually let his location slip when he didn’t appear in client access and gate logs.

The case report outlined:

"Mr Colella regularly works at the Neerabup Water Treatment Plant (NWTP). The NWTP is a fenced facility with an electronic gate. The gate logs at NWTP did not identify Mr Colella entering or leaving that facility on any of the identified days."

Some pretty damning evidence, as well as not actually getting any of his work done.

"Aroona claimed that the Chlorine Analyser Records at NWTP show that Mr Colella did not perform the necessary tests and calibrations on the chlorine analysers. Aroona claims that Mr Colella’s actions resulted in a significant health hazard for the residents of Perth."

Lead image: Doctorhawkes

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