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Here’s how you too can make a difference

The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) was founded 40 years ago by trailblazer Dr. Jane Goodall, whose research in Africa made for one of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time. The organisation has a global vision of a healthy planet where people live in harmony with animals and our shared environment.

JGI’s 35 Chapters around the world are committed to promoting the conservation of chimpanzees and their habitats, supporting the sustainability of surrounding human communities, and empowering the next generation to be socially and environmentally conscious citizens of our planet. Their projects range from protecting chimpanzees, promoting sustainable livelihoods, improving gender and health outcomes, ensuring healthily habitats and using science and technology for conservation.

Across the globe in nearly 100 countries, JGI’s youth-led program, Roots & Shoots, builds on the legacy and vision of Dr. Jane to empower people to create practical solutions to sustainability challenges. Through the program, young people grow as compassionate leaders, are engaged in learning, and develop the skills and attitudes to “become the next generation of Janes” by improving our world, one community project at a time.

Right here in Australia and New Zealand, JGI is a registered charity and for-purpose environmental organisation that approaches conservation holistically. Their philosophy is centred on the inter-connectedness of animals, people and the environment. You have the opportunity to support the work being undertaken via the Jane Goodall Institute Australia and the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand.

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia (JGIA) “inspires actions that connect people with animals and our shared environment”. Donations go towards programs such as Peer Education, where young women living near chimpanzee communities are empowered to stay in school and pursue sustainable livelihoods. You can also become a Chimp Guardian, and support the rehabilitation of orphaned chimpanzees confiscated from poachers and now living in JGI protected sanctuaries. Or you can become a JGIA Member and be the first to hear about Dr Jane’s visits to Australia and other insider events. Finally you can have the young people in your life join Roots & Shoots, and become part of the next generation of Janes. If you want to make a difference today, head to where you can make a tax-deductible donation to JGIA.

The Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand (JGINZ) mission is to “undertake work on global and local sustainability issues and to inspire and empower people to take action to make the world a better place for animals, people, and the environment." You can donate and support the outreach of the Roots & Shoots program into New Zealand schools, become a NZ Chimp Guardian supporter, a JGINZ member or join in team Jane and become a JGINZ Roots & Shoots member. Your support of JGINZ also goes to support our work on advocacy projects aiming to make impacts for the benefit of animals, people and the environment, in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals and via regulatory changes and involvement of governments, businesses, and communities. To support the work of JGINZ visit and make a tax-deductible donation to JGINZ.

Every donation makes a difference. As Jane says “Every individual makes a difference, and you can decide what kind of difference you want to make”.

Please help continue Jane’s legacy of inspiring actions that connect people with animals and our shared environment by joining JGIA or JGINZ today.


LEAD IMAGE: Photo Credit: The Jane Goodall Institute / Robert Ratzer

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