Land Clearing Could Wipe out Koalas from NSW and QLD

Their habitats are being cleared and rebuilt, potentially prompting local extinction

Conservation group WWF has warned that without immediate intervention NSW and Queensland could lose their koala population. Dr Martin Taylor from WWF Australia believes that almost 180 koalas have died due to the clearing and bulldozing in Southeast Queensland.

“This is really the tip of the iceberg,” said Taylor.

Because we're looking at hundreds of koalas more that are actually admitted to wildlife hospitals, there's the immediate effect of destruction of their habitat by bulldozers, but there's also the legacy of that.

The redeveloped habitat has made room for more predators such as wild cats and dogs and cars where ‘more accidents are waiting to happen.’

The numbers suggest that both NSW and Queensland are slowly losing their koala population. With Queensland down 53 per cent and New South Wales down 26 percent. Currently, the koala is labelled as vulnerable in ACT, NSW and Queensland. 

Image: Koala, source: Pixabay

Government has to bite the bullet and put in strong protections, not just for koalas but for all our wildlife. The problem is there are so many get out of jail free cards for the all the industries that want to destroy habitats.

The declining numbers of koalas in the NSW and Queensland should act as a wake-up call but without proper demand from the public, there will be no government intervention.

Queensland Conservation Council coordinator Tim Seelig explains:

We need some radical action to put a stop to this ongoing decline before the koala become extinct in Queensland...If we can't have planning laws that protect our special environment we won't have any natural environment left and we won't have any koalas left either.

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