Magpie Beats Bin Chicken For Aus Bird of the Year

#Teambinchicken just missed out on Australia’s bird of the year, 2017.

Well, in the biggest shock win of the year the magpie swoops the competition becoming Australia’s bird of the year with 19,926 votes.

This particularly aggressive bird is known for swooping anyone who comes too close to their nest. From children in playgrounds to people riding bikes, no one is safe from the swoop of the Australian magpie.

Our second most “popular” bird according to the Australian public was none other than the white ibis. The bird, which is often considered a pest, had a surprising following of 19,083 under the name #teambinchicken.

The kookaburra came in third with a total vote of 10,953. 

The competition run by the Guardian Australia closed on the 9th of December.

Image: National Geographic

The results are surprising as the two front-runners could also be considered Australia’s least favourite birds.  However, both birds are unique and often misunderstood.

The white ibis is a fairly resilient species, the bird migrated after its habitat in the interior wetlands diminished in the 1970s. Instead of dying out the bird moved closer to the coast where it multiplied (potentially a little too much).

And the magpie, which instills fear in pedestrians and cyclists every springtime can recognise familiar human faces and voices. They have one of the most unique vocal ranges in the bird kingdom, sounding as if they are carolling or yodelling.

Congratulations to one of the scariest and unique birds in Australia.

Proof that fear and respect walk hand in hand.

Better luck next year, bin chicken.

Lead image: National Geographic

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