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Probably The Deadliest Thing You Will See All Week

People with arachnophobia, look away now.

When a Newcastle resident discovered a strange sac in their garden, they had no idea it would contain hundreds of Australia’s most poisonous spiders.

The unusual looking object was promptly taken to the Australian Reptile Park for further investigation.

After inspection, it took no time for Kane Christensen, Head of Spiders at the Central Coast Reptile Park to identify the strange sac as a funnel web egg.

Australia’s most dangerous spider, a funnel web is not only poisonous but extremely aggressive. Each egg contains around 100 spiders.

For the Reptile Park, the sac was a blessing as the park is the only place in Australia that milks funnel webs for their venom, to make anti-venom.

The park relies on the public to provide them with captured funnel web spiders. The new funnel web spiders will be kept in the park and will be added in to the park's milking program.

Lead Image: Sack of baby funnel web spiders, still taken from video, Australian Reptile Park.

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