Sea Shepherd Quits 12 Year Mission in Japan Early

Their resources can’t compete with Japan’s economic and military might.

The Sea Shepherd has worked tirelessly for a decade to try hinder the Japanese whalers from the southern ocean. But unfortunately, due to increased military intervention from Japan, the Sea Shepherd has been forced to turn back.

The Sea Shepherd withdrew from the project after Japan passed new laws allowing public funding for whaling and continuation of commercial whaling programs. The new law allocates five billion Japanese yen annually to commercial whaling. Mr Takaya, Director of the whaling affairs office at Japan's fisheries agency told the ABC:

"Basically, we believe whether it's whales, sharks or tuna, all marine resources should be used sustainably based on scientific research," he said.

I think it should not be banned because of emotional or unscientific reasons.

The law also allows government agencies to intervene with activists efforts in the Southern Ocean.

George Bandis the Attorney-General at that time, backed the Sea Shepherd’s methods, saying that the government would continue striving to protect whales in the Southern Ocean and oppose commercial whaling. Sea Shepherd is calling again for the Australian government’s support, urging immediate intervention.



Although the Sea Shepherd is temporarily pulling out, they are working on new plans to help bring an end to whaling, not only in Southern Ocean waters but around Norway, Denmark and Iceland as well.

Despite a ruling against whaling by the International Court of Justice, Japan continues whaling expeditions due to a revised kill quota.

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