Sydney to Melbourne in 55 mins? Yes please.

Avoid the hassle of a nine-hour drive or boarding a plane by catching the Hyperloop train

Folks, the future is here.

And the future is Hyperloop.

Hyperloop One, a tech company that has recently invested in construction of a high speed rail system believes that a track bridging Sydney and Melbourne would be an ideal test.

The Hyperloop rail system championed by Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla is a supersonic capsule hypothetically capable of reaching speeds up to 1000kms per hour.

The company’s proposed ability to reach destinations this quickly has sparked interest from major cities all over the world.

Hyperloop One snatched up the technology after securing it for 80 million dollars. Alan James, the Hyperloop’s vice president said the company was considering Australia for initial testing.

Melbourne to Sydney is the third busiest air corridor in the world and we can give you Melbourne downtown to Sydney downtown in 55 minutes. So we would be looking, either in NSW or Victoria, or possibly in ACT, to develop the first section of that route, to prove the operation of Hyperloop, to get regulatory approval.

The rail service is yet to begin initial testing, but James believes the Nevada test site will be fully operational within the next six months.

This is not a ‘10 years away story’, this is not a ‘five years away story’, and literally months from now the world will be able to touch, smell and see an operational Hyperloop.

While many are pro building the Hyperloop railway system there are some still apprehensive. David Bissell, senior lecturer of sociology at the Australian National University believes the rail system will endanger regional life between Sydney and Melbourne as many rely on those travelling between the two cities:

With something like the Hyperloop, you’d essentially be bypassing regional Australia, which is socially and economically problematic

Previous projects including one from a private company The Consolidated Land and Rail Australia pitched a similar idea, only slightly longer journey at one hour and fifty minutes.

Image: Hyperloop, By Camilo Sanchez , via Wikimedia Commons

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