Taronga’s new Elephant Calf Goes for a Swim

Little Jai Dee goes for a paddle

Taronga’s newest elephant calf, little Jai Dee is already enjoying his paddle pool.

The elephant calf who was recently named Jai Dee in a traditional naming ceremony at Taronga Zoo last month has been practising his favourite strokes in the shallow waters of his favourite paddle pool.

Lucy Melo, the Senior Elephant Keeper at Taronga Zoo, says that the calf loves washing down for bath time:

He'll race ahead of all the elephants to jump into the pool when he sees it set up.

Jai Dee is one of five elephants welcomed at Taronga Zoo since the breeding program started over ten years ago. Four calves were born in Sydney and the other at Taronga’s Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.

Jai Dee is growing fast and now weighs around 195kg.

Taronga Conservation Society CEO, Cameron Kerr explains:

This precious calf and the other Asian Elephants at Taronga play a vital role as ambassadors for their wild counterparts. They help educate visitors about the decline of wild populations due to habitat destruction and conflict with humans.

Jai Dee, his mother Pak Boon and sister Tukta can bee seen in the top and bottom paddocks at Taronga Zoo at different intervals in the day.

Header: Taronga Zoo

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