Tasmania and New Zealand Light Up

The Aurora Australis is back

Lucky Tasmanians and Kiwis got a view of the Aurora Australis last night. The southern lights , Aurora Australis shined clearly over New Zealand, and a green glow was visible from southern Tasmania.

The lights were caused by a large solar flare, which created storm-like weather in the South Pole, making a sizable reaction in the upper atmosphere.

Nigel Frost from the University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory explains:

"Usually the Aurora levels are around 1 or 2 on the rating scale. At present they are hitting around 5 or 6 which gives an idea of how much stronger a reaction is going on at present, that is why people are able to see such bright and strong activity."





Video: Time lapse of Aurora over lake Ellesmere. Source:  EkantTakePhotos

Header: shutterstock

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