How is the Harbour Bridge Wallaby Now?

The animal surprised motorists early Monday morning as it jumped across the northern lanes of the bridge traffic.

It can’t get more Australian than this.

A small wallaby made headlines Monday morning for jumping across the harbour bridge in the early hours of the day. Police, who responded to the call managed to corner the distressed animal and take it Taronga Zoo for further assessment.



The harbourside and North Shore cops were at the scene, slowing down their vehicle and very steadily escorting the animal off the bridge. Police were then able to pin the animal.

"Officers took the startled macropod into police custody near the Conservatorium of Music, with the Police Mounted Unit arriving on the scene soon after to take it to the zoo for veterinary assessment," police said in a statement.

Police have speculated the animal came all the way from the Cammeray golf course.

The animal is being treated at Taronga Zoo in their intensive care unit. According to Taronga’s website:

"While he (the wallaby) is still in a serious condition due to the stress he experienced, everyone is hopeful about his recovery as he has started to take on food.

Dr Larry Vogelnest, Senior Veterinarian at the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital, has assessed the wallaby this morning. “We would like to release him as soon as possible, when he is well enough. We have not yet confirmed where, we will find a suitable environment around Sydney but not too close to the city”.

Lead Image: NSW Police

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