Watch a Grateful Kangaroo get Saved from Canal

The Australia Zoo Rescue Unit acted quickly to rescue the kangaroo

Kangaroos have been known to go for a dip when it’s hot and they need a bit of cooling off, but this kangaroo became stuck in a rising body of water after falling into Bribie Island Canal.

The Australia Zoo responded quickly to the call after being sent the roo’s whereabouts. With the water levels rising and the potential for the kangaroo to injure itself on the barnacles found on the rocks in the canal, the team acted swiftly, paddling out in a canoe to help the marsupial. The kangaroo was sedated and its feet were inspected for injury and disinfected.

The kangaroo was then laid out on dry land, where its rescuers waited for it to wake up and hop away.

Video: The Australia Zoo

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