Brain Games Facts: Intuition

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Would you describe yourself as intuitive? Learn more about this 'sixth sense'. Brain Games.

•    Intuitive senses combine all natural senses with each person’s own life experience.  

•    According to one experiment some blind people are able to utilize the phenomenon of blindsight.  Even though they can’t see, their intuitive vision helps them to navigate throughout life and perceive emotion on a person’s face.

•    According to one controversial study on intuition as it relates to business performance shows that 81% of CEOs with high intuition scores doubled their business in five years.  

•    Intuitive recognition leads people to feel that they recognize someone who they just met for the first time.  

•    Women are generally better at reading facial expressions than men.  Therefore, they are more likely to pick up on subtle emotional messages.

•    When emotions become involved in decision-making, it is much more difficult for intuition to navigate effectively.

•    First responders and soldiers in battle must rely on intuition in the heat of the moment to make quick decisions.

•    Decisions based on intuition are made very quickly.  This is possible in part because of previous experiences.  Recognizing past experiences helps to make quick decisions.

•    Intuition is also referred to as the ‘sixth sense.’

•    Intuitive training is a form of physical training where people listen to their bodies for cues as to how they should work out.  People do not subscribe to an intense fitness program, but rather look to their bodies and intuition for guidance.

•    Meditation can help you stay more in tune with your intuition.

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