Brain Games: Patterns

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•    Regular exercise can be one of the best ways to break out of a rut. Research shows that even moderate activity can lead to increased mental and emotional health.

•    Without forming habits, humans wouldn’t be able to master communication or specialized skills, like singing.

•    Amazingly, the brain both developed out of the body(’s)?? habits and shape what they are.

•    If you’ve ever gotten attached to a favorite outfit, dish or song, you’ve fallen victim to the basal ganglia. It’s the part of the brain that embraces life’s creature comforts and keeps you coming back for more of the same… again.  

•    If you’re often cranky, it may be from stressful situations that cause your brain to cope with elevated doses of the hormone known as cortisol.

•    The brain regulates pleasure—inducing habits may dull the amount of hormones it releases if a person becomes indulgent or addicted to one particular activity.

•    One of the most important ways to create healthy sleeping patterns is by waking up and going to bed on a consistent schedule.

•    Sustaining the willpower to change is key to breaking bad habits, but it’s a limited resource. Research suggests that people were less likely to complete the task when given specific restrictions.  

•    Rest is an important habit for helping the brain integrate experiences that can increase general mental health.

•    Making slow, gradual changes to behavior can keep the amygdala from activating with a stress response.

•    Research suggests that rather than being just an illusion, the human “mind” has the power to shape our brain’s destiny.

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