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- The precise origins of playing cards remain a mystery today - were they from Korea, India or China?  Nobody can say for sure.

- DMC once performed for HM Queen Elizabeth II, demonstrating a series of card-cheating manoeuvres.  The Queen wrote later, "As for the Card Shark, I am sure he will go far ... "

- DMC has seven tattoos, all on the left side of his body.  Historically - the left side of the body is the dark side, with the English word "Sinister" coming from the Latin word meaning "left".

- Aged 18, DMC travelled the world to meet with magicians - and in Bangkok met Mr. Somkid (featured in Card Shark), at the time a professional card cheat who was making thousands of dollars in casinos and illegal gambling dens.  DMC spent learned secret methods and techniques from Mr Somkid in downtown Bangkok.

- In 2012 DMC escaped massive injury when an accident resulted in him getting dragged behind a vehicle while performing a stunt.  Escaping with minor injuries, his right hip is still scarred today.

- While still at school, DMC became friends with psychic Uri Geller - from whom he learned how to bend spoons.

- DMC studied and qualified as a professional croupier and casino dealer at the London Gaming School.  Upon completion - he was handed a lifelong ban from playing cards at every casino within the UK.

- In 2011, DMC organized a secret treasure hunt at London's Natural History Museum - hiding small envelopes containing cash inside it.  

- In 2001, DMC slept on the streets for 8 consecutive nights in London to raise awareness about homelessness.  

- As a boy DMC attended Eton College, one of the world's oldest public schools, with Princes William and Harry.

- DMC's full name is "The Honourable Drummond William Thomas Money-Coutts", and will one day become "The 10th Baron Latymer" when he inherits the title from his father.

- DMC's first foray into magic came when his father took him to the UK's oldest magic shop, Davenports - and bought him his first magic book.  DMC's father at the time worked at the family bank, Coutts & Co, which is directly above the magic shop in central London.  

- One of DMC's favourite books is "Man's Search for Meaning", written by Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl.  

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