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Rocket City Rednecks: Moonshine Rocket Fuel - Student Tasks

Video highlights from Rocket City Rednecks

Junior and Senior Secondary


Rocket City Rednecks


Moonshine Rocket Fuel

LEARNING LEVEL            

Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary


Science, Physics


Task 1
Do some Internet research to find out the names and qualifications of each of the five "rednecks". List these and explain in a sentence for each team member, how they contributed to the rocket experiment.

Task 2
Draw a diagram of a liquid fuel rocket, including the following parts: fuel, oxidiser, combustion chamber, nozzle. Describe what the "rednecks" used for each of the four parts, and state what the circuit board was used for in constructing the rocket.

Task 3
In about 50 words, explain what safety precautions were taken during the making and launch of the "rednecks"' rocket.

Task 4
Write a 100-word description of how the still was made, and the process involved in distilling the rocket fuel. Illustrate your description with a diagram.

Task 5
Do some Internet research to find answers to the following questions about rockets travelling to the International Space Station:
•    How fast do they fly and what altitude do they reach?
•    How much fuel do they use?



Task 1
Explain the difference between a rocket engine and a conventional engine and state the laws of motion involved in rocket engine propulsion.

Task 2
Describe the difference between solid rocket fuel and liquid rocket fuel, including advantages and disadvantages of the two types.

Task 3
Draw diagrams with labelled parts to illustrate how a liquid fuel propelled rocket works and how to distil alcohol powerful enough to fuel it.

Task 4
In about 100 words, describe the experiment conducted by the rednecks, including the following:
•    Hypothesis
•    Components
•    Procedure
•    Controls
•    Safety mechanisms
•    Time lapse
•    Results

Task 5
Do some Internet research to establish how much and what kind of fuel has been consumed to keep the International Space Station in orbit, including resupply shuttles. In light of your findings, write a 200-word report on the worthiness, or otherwise, of the "rednecks"' moonshine rocket fuel experiment.

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