What Drives You Crazy factsheet

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  • In one road rage survey, 50% of drivers say that they respond to aggression with aggression, including 34% of people who say they honk their horns, 27% rant and rave and 19% give “the finger.”

  • According to another survey, the angriest drivers in the country reside in New York City, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Atlanta, and Minneapolis/Saint Paul. The state of New York is also cited with the most instances of road rage along with New Jersey and California.

  • 84% of the people surveyed viewed others talking on a cell phone while driving as a likely factor to incite road rage. Other distractions such as texting while driving, putting on makeup, or reading could also cause road rage.

  • Drivers with children aboard, cell phone users, and young drivers (18-24) are all reported to respond much more aggressively to aggressive driving.

  • You’re not alone if you’re unhappy at your current job. According to one 2011 survey, around 84% of employees are searching or planning to search for new jobs in the near future.

  • Due to the fact that sexual arousal involved nervous system stimulation, European and American physicians in the early 1800s believed that masturbation led to insanity.

  • One study shows that the number of American adults suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder is about 2.2 million.

  • When it comes to obsessive compulsive disorder in the United States, the average age of onset is 19 and the most prevalent age group is 30-44.

  • Multitasking is not always beneficial, frequent multi-taskers performed more poorly on tests compared to those who did not multitask as much.

  • If you're frequently stressed, don't multitask! Studies show that multitasking raises stress levels.

  • Research shows that people work more effectively by changing tasks every 15 minutes, rather than working on two tasks simultaneously.

  • A study shows that 4% of business leaders are psychopaths. Psychopaths are known to be poor managerial performers, however they can be good at climbing the corporate ladder because of their ability to imitate behavior and cover up weaknesses.

  • Impulsiveness, moral numbness, and indifference to legal and social norms are all typical characteristics of psychopaths.

  • Being hot-tempered isn’t always a negative thing, a study shows that those who internalize their anxiety can suffer from a raised pulse, which over time can result in high blood pressure and increased chances of developing illness.

  • According to some research, the reason sounds such as human screams or nails on a chalkboard annoy irk us is because these sounds lands between the frequency range of 2000 to 5000 Hz.

  • In a study testing the top ten most annoying noises; a baby crying, an electric drill, and squealing brakes all fell into the top ten, while another study showed that babbling water was one of the most soothing noises.

  • Sleep apnea is a disorder in which people have slow or paused breathing during sleep. Some research indicates that after a month of moderate, repeated sleep apnea could cause a change in cerebrovascular function, and possibly result in a stroke.

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