Will You Make A Million? Factsheet

Video highlights from The Numbers Game

  • According to one labor market study, “software developer” is the most in-demand job requiring a bachelor’s degree. This list also includes accountants and auditors, and computer systems analysts.

  • According to a survey by an online professional networking website, 37% of men feel self-assured in their abilities to negotiate, compared with just 26% of females.

  • Measuring intelligence using IQ tests remains controversial, with some critics claiming cultural bias could skew test results, and that human cognitive abilities are best measured as distinct components rather than by a single number.

  • Filming of the investment segment with financial advisor Louis Barajas was Jake’s first time at a racetrack! He didn’t exactly have beginner’s luck, but Jake did walk away with a few extra bucks in his pocket.

  • Many product ideas arise from personal need: the inventor of Doggles, sunglasses for dogs, came up with the idea when she noticed her border collie was having trouble catching a Frisbee on a sunny day at the park.

  • There is currently an estimated 2.1 million patents in-force in the United States as of May 2012.

  • Persistence isn’t all about finding a needle in a haystack: social psychologists have developed a 12-item “Grit Scale” that asks simple questions to assess a person’s tendency for perseverance. Respondents report how well simple statements (such as “I finish whatever I begin” and “Setbacks don’t discourage me”) apply to them.

  • According to Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves, authors of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, people with the highest levels of IQ outperform those with average IQs just 20% of the time, while people with average IQs outperform those with high IQs 70% of the time.”

  • There are over 1 billion cars on the road worldwide, according to a study by an online auto industry database. It’s no surprise that the U.S. holds the highest vehicle population in the world with over 230 million registered owners. Show host, Jake Porway, is not one of these registered owners. Being a Brooklyn, N.Y. native, Jake likes to walk to work.

  • Some researchers believe that third grade is the most important year in an individual’s academic career because it is the time when students begin to read for content, moving beyond merely learning to read as a skill.

  • According to one university study early birds do get the worm. Students that classified themselves as “morning people” were found to have received significantly higher grades than those who classified themselves as night owls. Similar research by Christoph Randler found that “early risers” are more likely to be proactive and anticipate problems, which can be linked to higher wages and greater career success.

  • “According to one report, the number of millionaires declined in the U.S. in 2011, but the number increased globally – particularly in India and China.”

  • “The concept of emotional intelligence was popularized by Daniel Goleman with the publication of his bestseller, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ in 1995.”

  • “According to a 2011 report from Credit Suisse, there are nearly 30 million people in the world who have a net worth that cracks the $1 million mark.”

  • Bill Hewlett and David Packard forged a successful collaboration after they befriended each other in 1934. While working out of a rented garage and with only $538, the two innovators produced the HP200A – an audio oscillator used to test sound equipment. The two men eventually decided to seal their partnership, even flipping a coin to determine the company name. Today, the company pulls in well over $100 billion in annual sales.

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