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About Eagle

Eagles are large birds of prey. They belong to the family accipitidae and there are 60 existing species. Majority of these species are found throughout Asia and Africa. 3 species exist in Australia today including the little eagle, the white-bellied-sea eagle and the wedge tail eagle.

Other birds of prey include hawks, falcons and kites. In the avian world, these birds of prey, including eagles are apex predators because they are at the top of their food chain. Eagles mainly feed on fish, snakes, mice and other small rodents. However larger eagles such as the crown eagle have been known to pick up mammals and ungulates to feed on.

Male and female eagle usually build their nests together. Nests can range in size from 2 – 5ft in diameter. The largest nest on record was 10ft in diameter and weighed 3 tonne. The nests are usually made from organic matter such as sticks, leaves and bark and then the inside is covered with a layer of softer materials. Most eagles begin mating around the age of 5 and have the same partner for their whole life.


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