Ancient X-Files: Dawn Of A Man Education Worksheet - Student Tasks

Video highlights from Ancient X-Files

Upper Primary and Junior Secondary Students


Ancient X-Files 2

Dawn Of Man

Crown Of Thorns, Living Vampires, The Mystery Of Mary Magdalene, Dawn Of Man, The Crucifixion Decoded

LEARNING LEVEL            
Upper Primary and Junior Secondary

Ancient History


Task 1

Do some Internet research to find out where the following structures are located, their dimensions, and when they were built:

•    Stonehenge

•    The Great Pyramid

•    Gobekli Tepe

Task 2

Draw a diagram of Gobekli Tepe showing the two tall pillars. Include a compass with your sketch and make sure you align the pillars in the right direction. Use this website as a reference to help with your sketch:

Task 3

Write a short story of about 50 words to explain when and how Gobekli Tepe was discovered.

Task 4

Write another story that describes in about 75 words what archaeologists believe the temple was used for.

Task 5

Bog bodies have been found in various parts of Europe. Archaeologists are able to learn a lot about the past by studying these bodies because they have been so well preserved. Answer the following questions:

•    What is a bog?

•    What is peat and what is it used for?

•    What did ancient people believe bogs represented?

•    How do bogs help to preserve bodies?

•    Describe three examples of information archaeologists have learned by examining bog bodies.


Task 1

Answer the following questions about Gobekli Tepe:

•    What is it?

•    Where is it?

•    How and when was it discovered?

Task 2

Write definitions for each of the following terms:

•    Archaeology

•    Bog (as a landform term)

•    Carbon dating

•    DNA

•    Fertile crescent

•    Iron Age

•    Peat

•    Stone Age

Task 3

Write a 100-word explanation to describe the constellation Orion and what it has to do with Gobekli Tepe.

Task 4

Now make a bullet point list of ten examples of evidence used to support the theory of Orion and its relationship with Gobekli Tepe.

Task 5

In about 200 words, describe how did the discovery of Gobekli Tepe changed the way we think about Stone Age people?

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