The Weekly Quiz Answers - 9th October

Every week we recap what has happened in the world this week. Will you get the answers right?

1. Plans for a Nazi bomb were found, what was it made of?

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2. What has happened to the wildlife near Chernobyl?

Wildlife is thriving in the nuclear disaster zone, with an abundance of elk, roe deer, red deer, wolves and wild boars.
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3. A new species of rat was discovered, what is unusual about it?

It's long pubic hair that can measure up to 15 millimeters.
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4. What very large remains did we uncover this week?

The remains of a woolly mammoth that lived as long as 15,000 years ago.
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5. What extra reason has been found to eat chocolate?

Scientists claim to have developed a chocolate bar so healthy it could be used as medicine.
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6. Which threatened species could be saved by cloning?

The Giant Panda
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7. Which larger than life astrophysicist had a birthday this week?

Neil deGrasse Tyson
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8. ISIS destroyed ruins at what famous archeological site?

The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.
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9. What colour is Pluto’s atmosphere?

Pluto’s atmospheric haze is blue.
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10. Where were fresh UFO sightings claimed?

The Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.
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