Weekly Quiz - November 21st

Every week we recap what has happened in the world this week. Will you get the answers right?

Question 1: Australian scientists proved Einstein wrong in what theory? 

Answer: Quantum entanglement

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Question 2 What is the world’s most dangerous volcano?

Answer: Iwo Jima in Japan

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Question 3: What is the estimated rise in sea level due to climate change by 2100?

Answer: 2.0 metres

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Question 4: Where are the famous Nasca Lines located?

Answer: The Nasca desert in Southern Peru

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Question 5: Where was an ancient Greek fortress discovered this week?

Answer: In a car park located in Jerusalem

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Question 6: Which unlikely place did they discover 12 bull sharks? 

Answer:  An Aussie golf course lake

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Question 7: What new study could be a game changer for neuroscience?

Answer: Neuroplasticity, the change of brain structure in response to activity and experience

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Question 8: Where will Australia’s first body farm be located?

Answer: The Hawkesbury region of outer Sydney.

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Question 9: What was the world’s most famous bridge collapse?

Answer: The Tacomma Narrows Bridge

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Question 10: Which animal only goes to the bathroom once a week?

Answer: The slow moving sloth!

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