Weekly Quiz - November 27th

Every week we recap what has happened in the world this week. Will you get the answers right?

Question 1: Which rare sea animal washed up on Australian shores last week?

Answer: The rare blue dragon sea slug (glaucus atlanticus) washed up on Broadbeach in Queensland
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Question 2: What food did they find in an Egyptian tomb that you can still eat today?

Answer: 3,000-year-old honey was found in an Egyptian tomb that is still edible!
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Question 3: What missing Greek island do archaeologists they think they have found?

Answer: Archaeologists believe a peninsula in the Aegean Sea could be the missing Greek island of Kane.
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Question 4: Which species was found beached on the coast of Chile?

Answer: In the largest stranding ever, 337 whales have beached off the coast of Chile.
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Question 5: This year marks 83 years since the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. Who were the first two people to step inside?

Answer: Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon were the first people to step inside the King Tut’s 83 for more than 3,000 years.
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Question 6: Taronga Zoo welcomed a new baby animal to their family. What was it?

Answer: Taronga Zoo welcomed a new baby Francois Langur Monkey
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Question 7: Where did a sinkhole open up in Australia this week?

Answer: A “sinkhole” the size of a football field has opened up at Jumpinpin beach on North Stradbroke Island.
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Question 8: What could protect Australia from Tsunami or landslides?

Answer:  Our Great Barrier Reef can save us from landslides and tsunamis by absorbing potential wave energy.  
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Question 9: Why are giraffes born with their ossicones (horns) lying flat rather than on their head?

Answer: A Giraffe is born with is ossicones (horns) flat on its head to avoid injury s they fall two metres from their mother’s womb at birth.
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Question 10: What is the most powerful kick of all fighting styles?

Answer: The Muay Thai chest kick is the most forceful knockout kick of all the fighting styles
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