Weekly Quiz - October 30th

Every week we recap what has happened in the world this week. Will you get the answers right?

Q1: What did the patient of Brain Surgery Live suffer from?

A: Parkinson’s Disease

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Q: What is the world’s largest World Heritage site?

A: Our Great Barrier Reef!

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Q3: What did a hiker find in Norway this week?

A: A 1,300 year old viking sword

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Q4: What new technologies will reveal the mysteries of the pyramids?

A:  Cosmic Rays

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Q5: How do crocodiles sleep?

A; With one eye open

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Q6: How will humans evolve in the future?

A: Climate change and global warming will make humans taller, thinner and have darker skin

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Q7: What natural disaster at Yellowstone national park could cause a nuclear winter?

A; It's super volcano erupting

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Q8: What did they discover in the water’s of Greece this week?

A: 22 shipwrecks that could rewrite its history

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Q9: What two substances were being released in space by Comet Lovejoy?

A: Alcohol and Sugar!

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Q10: What $16 million dollar strategy did the New South Wales Government launch this week?

A: World first shark strategy to trial new technologies and increase in shark surveillance.

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