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Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rain Forest loading...
Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rain Forest
National Geographic Explorer Topher White has created a clever way to listen for sounds of illegal logging.
About Engineering & Science

The Industrial Revolution forever changed how we live and work, moving the world population from an agricultural foundation to an industrial one.

People began to move off the farms, out of the country and filled the world’s cities. Since then, we have continued to build, innovate, adapt and invent.

In just over 200 years, we advanced from the first steam-powered road vehicle that could only travel at 3.6 kilometres per hour, to car megafactories that produce hundreds of thousands of vehicles using a staggering array of robots.

In 1903, the Wright brothers completed the first powered and controlled airplane flight. One hundred years later, the world’s biggest International Airport in Dubai handles more than 344,000 flights a year to 260 destinations on six continents.

Huge breakthroughs have been made to how we build – primitive houses have been replaced by stunning architecturally designed skyscrapers, bridges and transport systems.

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