The Mass Market Tesla 3 Electric Car has Started Production

It's time to make the switch.

We’ve waited long enough, and now it’s so close you can practically smell that new car smell.

Tesla’s much anticipated mass-market electric car has started production and has ‘passed all regulatory requirements from production two weeks ahead of schedule” according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, with the first car expected to be finished by Friday. The Tesla Model 3 car will be mass-marketed to a wider audience in a bid to reduce the amount of diesel cars on the road and carbon emitted into the air.

Elon Musk, as we know, is ambitious. From his terraforming Mars fleet to the solar powered Tesla roof, he’s the energy-optimist the world needs. The Model 3 Tesla electric car is no different. As Musk explains by switching to an electric car, you're already limiting carbon emissions and helping the environment:

Combustion cars emit toxic gases. According to an MIT study, there are 53,000 deaths per year in the U.S. alone from auto emissions.

As the Tesla Model has no exhaust pipe, there is no pollution being pumped into the air. The environment has a lot to gain if more people were to make the switch to electric cars. Private vehicles account for 25% of CO2 emissions. If there was a mass switch at best the CO2 emissions would fall to 5% and in the worst case 10% but if only a third of vehicles were electric, nitrogen oxide emissions would be cut in half.  

But, Unfortunately for Musk and the environment the Tesla Model 3 is encountering challenges trying to meet its targets.

On Monday Tesla admitted experiencing a “severe shortfall” producing the 100- kilowatt batteries used to power the car, putting a massive dent in Tesla’s production which struggled to exceed its first quarter production. Before June, supply of the battery packs was 40 percent below demand, as a result Tesla stock fell 2.5 percent.

Musk announced that the Model 3 mid-priced electric car will start production this Friday an ambitious two weeks before planned production, delivering its first product on July 28th. Musk believes Tesla will be producing 20,000 cars monthly beginning in December, but for now, only 100 cars will be produced for August and a further 1,500 for September.

The car is part of Musk’s vision to turn Tesla into a mass producer of affordable luxury electric cars. Before now, Tesla has exclusively made luxury electric cars in small numbers with a fairly sizable price tag. But the new Tesla model is set to be affordably priced at $35,000 (in comparison to the previous model’s $90,000).

Musk is hoping the new model will be more accessible for a wider population but is purposefully ambiguous about the car’s availability.

The Tesla production plant in Fremont, Calif according to Musk is filling up quick.

There is no room at Fremont; we are bursting at the seams.

Tesla has been in conversation with China to potentially place Tesla plants near Shanghai, as China makes 15 percent of Tesla’s revenue and the Chinese internet company “Tencent Holdings” owning 5 percent of the company.

Musk remains optimistic with the introduction of an affordable electric car that will not only change production of diesel vehicles but have a lasting positive effect on the environment and climate change.

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