About Fur Seal

There are many species of seals named for the fine fur that makes them so attractive to hunters.

The large northern fur seal, found in chilly northern waters, was hunted to near extinction during the 19th century. These animals were protected by law in 1911, and populations later rebounded to 1.3 million animals.

There are eight species of southern fur seals, all smaller than their northern relative. They include the Guadalupe fur seal of Baja California, the brown fur seal of southern Africa and Australia, and the South American fur seal.

Fast Facts 

Common Name: Fur Seals

Scientific Name: Arctocephalinae

Type: Mammals

Diet:  Carnivores

Groupe Name: Colony 

Avergae life span in the wild: 12 to 30 years

Size: 4 to 10 ft 

Weight: Up to 700 lbs


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