About Gazelle

Thomson's gazelles are medium-sized antelopes found in East Africa.

Gazelles typically frequent wide-open spaces and plains, where they browse on grasses, shoots, and leaves.

Open plains make them visible to predators like cheetahs or wild dogs, but gazelles are fleet of foot. The Thomson's gazelle can reach speeds of 40 miles an hour.

Some gazelle species eschew the grasslands for mountainous landscapes or even deserts. During the dry season some grassland gazelles will even take to the African bush in search of water.

Fast Facts 

Common Name: Thomson's Gazelle

Scientific Name: Eudorcas thomsonii

Type: Mammals

Diet: Herbivores

Group Name: Herd

Average life span in the wild: 10 to 12 years

Size: Height at the shoulder, 20 to 43 in

Weight: 26 to 165 lbs


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