About Green Anaconda

A member of the boa family, South America’s green anaconda is, pound for pound, the largest snake in the world. Its cousin, the reticulated python, can reach slightly greater lengths, but the enormous girth of the anaconda makes it almost twice as heavy.

Green anacondas can grow to more than 29 feet (8.8 metres), weigh more than 550 pounds (227 kilograms), and measure more than 12 inches (30 centimetres) in diameter. Females are significantly larger than males. Other anaconda species, all from South America and all smaller than the green anaconda, are the yellow, dark-spotted, and Bolivian varieties.

Fast Facts 

Type: Reptile

Diet: Carnivore

Average life span in the wild: 10 years

Size: 20 to 30 ft (6 to 9 m)

Weight: Up to 550 lbs (227 kg)

Group name: Bed or knot

Did you know? In mating, several competing males form a breeding ball around one female that can last up to four weeks


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