10 Reasons Australia Is An Odd Place

Video highlights from Wild Australia

Killer plants. Cannibal sharks. Two-headed snakes. We’ve got it all.

Australians know what it’s like to be isolated. Really isolated.

Perhaps that’s why our people, animals, and natural environment have evolved so differently than any other country. 

Take a look at our top 10 reasons Australia is such a unique part of the world.

1. Kangaroos kill more Australians than crocodiles or sharks.

2. Our koalas are infected with herpes.

3. A town in Victoria has been overrun with tumbleweeds.

4. Our first police force was made up of convicts.

5. The Outback is littered with mysterious fairy circles.

6. Our snakes occasionally give birth to two-headed babies and our sharks sometimes eat each other.

7. Australia was once home to real-life “drop bears”.

8. Around 200 people saw “flying saucers” in Melbourne during daylight.

9. One of our lakes is bright pink.

10. Even our plants can kill you.

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