3000 Year old Mysterious Lost Civilisation Found Underwater

Could this be the mysterious city of Van?

A mysterious 3000 year old civilisation has just been found lying at the bottom of a Turkish lake. The city in question, Urartu or The Kingdom of Van, has long been searched for by archaeologists.

“There was a rumour that there might be something under the water but most archaeologists and museum officials told us that we won’t find anything,” project diving team leader Tahsin Ceylan told the news service Daily Sabah.

However, Ceylan and fellow Archaeologists from the Van Yuzuncu University were determined. They spent years looking for the lost city, until hundreds of metres beneath the surface of Lake Van, Ceylan and his team found what they were looking for.
Large stone walls, each rising 3-4 metres tall surrounding a stoned structure. The ruins were intact and in good quality due to the high levels of alkaline in the water.

The popular theory is that the ruins were once the Kingdom of Van, a civilisation from the Iron Age ruling the area between the 9th and 6th Centuries BC.

“Many civilisations and people had settled around Lake Van,” Ceylan told the Hurriyet Daily News. “They named the lake the ‘upper sea’ and believed it had many mysterious things.
“We have detected the castle’s exact location and photographed it and have made progress in our research. We now believe we have discovered a new area for archaeologists and historians to study.”

Because the lake’s depth has changed so dramatically, it allowed the ancient fortress to be submerged for centuries. It is unclear just when the city was abandoned or why but The Kingdom of Van slowly became a myth, until today.

Scientists and researchers are planning to map out the city’s structure.

“It is a miracle to find this castle underwater. Archaeologists will come here to examine the castle’s history and provide information on it,” Ceylan said.

Lead Image: Finding Atlantis, Still.

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