America's Lost Treasures: Episode 8 Facts

Video highlights from America's Lost Treasures


1. Mack Trucks were used by Britain in WWI to move supplies and troops to the front line.

2. Mack Trucks took on their K-9 trademark in 1917, when during WWI, British soldiers impressed with the trucks’ ruggedness, used their British mascot as inspiration, and called the pugnacious vehicles, Bulldog Macks.

3. The U.S.’s Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 began the construction of the Interstate Highway System, also referred to as “The Greatest Public Works Project in History.”

4. The Graphophone was Alexander Graham Bell’s attempt to improve on Thomas Edison’s earlier invention the Phonograph.

5. Some early records were actually cardboard cylinders coated with wax

6. The Graphophone Type B Eagle got its name because it could be purchased with a ten dollar gold coin known as an “Eagle” making it much more affordable than the pricier models.

7. “Coin” silver is silver that has been melted down from coins.  It has a purity of 90% which is a little less than Sterling which is 92.5% silver.

8. Isaac Leeser was instrumental in founding the first all-day Jewish school in America in 1835.

9. Approximately 10,000 American Jews fought in the Civil War.  Seven thousand fought for the North, and 3000 for the South.

10. School Girl Samplers were more than a display of skill.  They represented the value that communities and families placed on young girls’ education.



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