Diana’s Two Months

Video highlights from Diana: In Her Own Words

Birth, divorce, wedding and death. How every major event in Diana’s short life occurred within the same two months.

Diana was an enigma, a personality, a royal, a mother, a wife and lover. She was under constant surveillance from the crown and the media.

We know her as the people’s Princess, Diana was from a good family who married a Prince and was immediately thrust into a world of politics and tabloid sensationalism, seemingly unwittingly.

And we remember every major event in her life, her birth to her marriage, divorce and her tragic death – events which all occurred in the same two months: July and August

On July 1st, 1961, Diana was born to Lord and Lady Althorp, she was the third of four children. She came from an aristocratic family and had royal blood in her ancestry. At the tender age of 6 Diab’s parents divorced, the resulting custody battle left a lasting scar on Diana, which followed her into adulthood.

Fast forward twenty years to the 29th of July 1981- the world watches her walk down the aisle to marry Prince Charles, accepting the title: “princess.” 3,500 people gathered at St Paul’s Cathedral in London to celebrate the wedding, it was also watched by 750 million people on TV. Diana later reported that the event was the “worst day of her life.”

July 12th, 1996 the unhappy couple agree to divorce terms, entitling Diana to a 17 million pound settlement. The official decree for divorce and final end to the marriage came to a head on the 28th of August, 1996. The pair were both unfaithful during their 14-year marriage, Diana famously stating of Charles’ affair with Camilla:

There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.

A year later, Diana was killed in Paris alongside her new love al-Fayed on the 31st of August.

The unfolding of events in those two months is a strange coincidence, Diana’s life and legacy is something to remember regardless of when it occurred.

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