Hitler’s British Hit List Revealed

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The Fuhrer planned to kill Winston Churchill, HG Wells and Virginia Woolf once Germany invaded Britain

The Nazi leader’s list of people to be assassinated if Britain was successfully invaded has been published in English for the first time.

The digitalised “black book” reveals who the wanted citizens were and why they were a threat to the Nazi regime.

There are 2,820 “enemies of the state, traitors and undesirables” on the list, including Prime Minister Winston Churchill, playwright HG Wells, writer Virginia Woolf and Conrad Fulke Thomond O’Brien-ffrench, the MI6 agent who is thought to have inspired the character of James Bond.

Tim Hayhoe, managing director of Forces War Records, says 'It is the first ever full English translation of the Nazi Most Wanted list, which has been extrapolated from a very dry list.”

“The people on this list would have been the first to be rounded up and risk being killed, sent to concentration camps or forced to throw in their lot with the Germans.”

Image credit: Forces War Records

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