Insiders of the American Mob: Salvatore Polisi, Gambino Associate

Video highlights from The American Mob

Photograph by National Geographic Channels / David Smoler

Salvatore Polisi, aka "Sally Ubatz," was a mob associate for the Colombo and Gambino crime families in New York. He owned and operated the popular mafia after-hours gambling joint The Sinatra Club in Queens. The club was a hot spot for up-and-coming wiseguy and future Gambino boss, John Gotti, who was a regular. Polisi earned his nickname "Ubatz" from Gotti. After nearly fifteen years as a mob associate, Polisi decided to flip. He went into the Witness Protection Program and testified against John Gotti in his first racketeering trial, which Gotti won, earning him the nickname the "Teflon Don." Today, Polisi is a screenwriter, playwright, and public speaker. He most recently wrote and produced the mafia film The Sinatra Club, as well as authored the book by the same name.

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