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Upper Primary and Junior Secondary



Swiss Army Knife


Upper Primary and Junior Secondary




Task 1
Answer the following questions about Swiss Army Knives:
• In which town and country are they made?
• What is the name of the man who invented them?
• What is the name of the company that makes them?
• When was the first Swiss Army Knife produced?
• What four functions did it have?

Task 2
In 50 words describe why Swiss Army knives are so universally popular. Add another paragraph to state which function or functions you think are essential in a pocket knife and why.

Task 3
Explain five of the processes involved in manufacturing a Swiss Army knife. Make sure you write your explanation in the correct chronological order from beginning to end of production.

Task 4
Choose two of the prototype knives from the museum that were never put into production. Describe what each of these looks like, and explain what was wrong with them. Accompany your description with a diagram of the two prototypes you chose.

Task 5
A number of different people have tried to make counterfeit Swiss Army knives. Describe three ways in which buyers can check to see if the product is the genuine item or just an imitation.


Task 1
Describe the history of the Swiss Army knife. Include the following in your description:
• Why the knives were originally made
• How long it took to come up with the right design
• The name and nationality of the inventor
• When and where it was invented
• What the original Swiss Army knife looked like
• What four functions it included.

Task 2
The Swiss Army knife is a universally popular gadget which has been used by all manner of people from boy scouts to presidents. Write five reasons to explain why you think this is so.

Task 3
It takes 450 steps and a workforce close to one thousand to produce 60,000 Swiss Army knives every day. Describe ten of these steps in the correct chronological order (from beginning to end). Mention any special checks that are made along the way.

Task 4
The star of the Swiss Army knife series is the multi-tool, eight layered Swiss Champ, which has 33 different functions. Draw a diagram, labelling the parts, to show how this knife works. You may need to consult:

Task 5
Switzerland is a small, land-locked country with no natural resources, so the Swiss always need to use their imagination and creativity to succeed in the global market. In about 100 words, explain why September 11 was Victorinox's greatest ever challenge and how it was overcome. Include three product examples in your answer.

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