Nazi Artefacts found in a Secret Room in Argentina

It’s the largest discovery of Third Reich paraphernalia in Argentina’s history.

More than 75 items have been found in a house just north of Buenos Aires. The collector living in Beccar was housing a huge ceremonial dagger, a statue of a Nazi eagle, a medical head measuring device, some swastika decorated boxes and a bust of Hitler himself, just to name a few.

A preliminary study of the covered treasures has concluded that they belonged to a high ranking Nazi official. The objects were found during a police raid on June 8th and were found stashed away in a small nook behind a library. All items that were found came with a small photograph of Hitler posing with the attached object. Patricia Bullrich, Argentina’s security minister told reporters that:

This is a way to commercialise them, showing that they were used by the horror, by the Fuhrer

The objects arrived in Argentina via the infamous “ratlines” a series of escape routes the Nazis
and sympathisers used to leave Europe at the conclusion of the Second World War.



Nazi smuggling was common in Latin America after the Second World War, in fact, it became the primary destination for fleeing Nazis, sympathisers, officials and was fully condoned by wartime-President Peron.

This isn’t the first Nazi treasure trove discovered in the country but it is the largest and most refined stash recorded. (Read more about more Nazi treasures found here)

Like most countries owning Nazi paraphernalia is illegal, the owner of the house is now under investigation and the objects have been confiscated.

Header: captured via Youtube.

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